What’s New at Sullivan Press!

We’re more secure! The site is now more secure with an SSL certificate. You will see the lock and the https when you log into Sullivan Press from now on.

We’ve added a lot of new products in the past few months. They might not show up in a normal search, so check out this page to quickly fine these new items!

Paper Dolls – These originals were loaned to us so we could reproduce them. Use them for dress ideas, or cut them our and have some old-fashioned fun.

Playing Cards – we now have two playing card decks. These are both taken from originals, and we own one of the decks. One set is by Samuel Hart, and are generic period playing cards. The other is a special set produced at the beginning of the war and is called the Union Cards set.

Dime Guides

Housewife’s Manual

Book of Dreams



Myra, the Child of Adoption

The Privateer’s Cruise

East and West