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Tavern Posters

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Tavern Posters

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Tavern Posters

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With no radio, television, or internet, distributing public information was difficult. Newspapers were available, but the governments preferred having their various proclamations and declarations printed by local printers. These were often printed as posters (broadsides) and then posted in public places like taverns, inns, and outside of public buildings. Various printers had government contracts to print the news and declarations from Congress, the King, or for the general public. Includes

  • Tavern Price List - This poster went up in Frederick Maryland and was printed to allow tavern owners to set prices according to the local law. Prices were set each year by the county.
  • Pennsylvania Tavern License – This document allowed a person to maintain a tavern provided there was no Drunkenness, unlawful Gaming or any other disorders.”
  • A Short Warning to all Desperate and Prophane Swearers, Cursers, Damners, Etc. (8 x 10) - The name says it all. This warning cites several Biblical references in its attempt to redeem those who use vulgar language. A printed broadside posted in London.
  • 1775 Property Auction Notice (8 x 14) - This bilingual notice advertises an upcoming coming auction of property in Germantown, Pennsylvania. It is printed in English and German.
  • 1785 Robbery Notice (8 x 11) - This poster went up in Baltimore in 1780. An excellent description of everyday articles, and a great paper to post at your establishment.
  • 1777 Runaway Advertisement ( 8 x 11) - In 1777 a weaver named Samuel Phillips ran away. Ads like this give us excellent, accurate descriptions of clothing and physical features of everyday people. I like two quotes in this add: "It is probable he will steal other clothes." and "As he can write, he may forge a pass."

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I have a question I need labels for a 1859 Sharps it is a 54 caliber . I notice your labels say 52/100 caliber am I missing somthing


The Sharps labels are copies of the labels found in Echoes of Glory, Arms and Equipment of the Union page 46. Since I print all my labels, I can put 54 on there if you wish. Just mention it in the comments when you order the labels. Thanks for asking. Bob


The Sharps rifles at the time were 52 caliber. The modern reproductions are 54 to match modern made ammo.