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Documents of Everyday Life

Documents of Everyday Life
Documents of Everyday Life

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Documents of Everyday Life

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Documents of Everyday Life – Our most popular 18th century kit. This kit contains 5 documents that would been seen in the comings and goings of 18th century life:

Tavern License - This license was obtained by tavern owners in order to conduct business.  Notice the provision that the owner was to provide "wholesome food and provender", and was not allowed to "permit customers to tipple and drink more than is necessary on the Sabbath".

Liquor License - This license allowed a New York tavern owner to sell liquor to his customers.  One of the conditions of this license is that the owner was not to permit "any card-playing, dice, shuffle-board, or billiards".

Marriage License - Just like couples today, Colonial couples also had to obtain a marriage license.  These licenses varied from state to state. Some were very ornate, and others, like this New Hampshire one, were plain

Indenture Agreement - Upon reaching teen years, children of working class families often were put to work for 7 years learning a trade from a master craftsman.  During this period of time, the child was considered an apprentice learning a trade, and was a virtual slave to the craftsman.

Shopkeeper’s permit - This license was given to shop-keepers to remind them to collect taxes on items they sold.

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I have a question I need labels for a 1859 Sharps it is a 54 caliber . I notice your labels say 52/100 caliber am I missing somthing


The Sharps labels are copies of the labels found in Echoes of Glory, Arms and Equipment of the Union page 46. Since I print all my labels, I can put 54 on there if you wish. Just mention it in the comments when you order the labels. Thanks for asking. Bob


The Sharps rifles at the time were 52 caliber. The modern reproductions are 54 to match modern made ammo.