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American Discharge Papers

American Discharge Papers
American Discharge Papers

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American Discharge Papers

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American Discharge Papers - This packet contains the known discharge papers used by the Continental Army.

Discharge signed by Washington  - By the summer of 1783, it was apparent that there would be little if any more fighting. In a cost-cutting move, Congress decided to furlough the army, allowing the men to go home. This furlough policy kept Congress from having to pay the troops, but allowed that the soldiers could be called back into service if necessary. The paper includes the paragraph on the back about the furlough becoming a discharge upon the ratification of a treaty of peace.

Discharge signed by Lincoln  - Other Continental troops not stationed at New York were given these furloughs/discharges, which were signed by Benjamin Lincoln, the officer that accepted the British surrender at Yorktown.

Discharge signed by Knox  - The Continental troops stationed around West Point were given papers signed by Henry Knox, the former Boston bookseller who was now Continental chief of artillery.

Discharge Pay Voucher  - This piece of paper was given to the soldiers by Congress as an equivalent to the back pay owed the soldier. At the end of the war, Congress had almost no money left. These vouchers were given, but the soldier was expected to collect his funds from his home state.

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I have a question I need labels for a 1859 Sharps it is a 54 caliber . I notice your labels say 52/100 caliber am I missing somthing


The Sharps labels are copies of the labels found in Echoes of Glory, Arms and Equipment of the Union page 46. Since I print all my labels, I can put 54 on there if you wish. Just mention it in the comments when you order the labels. Thanks for asking. Bob


The Sharps rifles at the time were 52 caliber. The modern reproductions are 54 to match modern made ammo.

I don’t sell a reproduction of the package, but someone made one years ago and gave it to me. I don’t know if it is an accurate reproduction or made up. If I can find it in my files I’ll send you information.