Hire Bob as a Speaker

Bob Sullivan has been speaking in front of groups for 30 years. His easy style and engaging manner have proven to be a successful combination when giving a presentation. And his presentations are like no others, because they are based on his original research. He has twice been a featured speaker at the Valley Forge Speaker Series, and has given presentations at The Henry Ford in Dearborn Michigan, the Philadelphia Revolutionary War Round Table, the Wilmington Civil War Round Table, the Harrisburg Civil War Round Table, the Pipe Creek CWRT, and others. For speaking engagements, call him at 484-877-9166, or email him at owner@sullivanpress.com.


Red Tape and the Revolution – an engaging presentation describing the birth of organized paperwork in the Continental Army. This presentation features over 30 printed forms and the fascinating stories behind many of them.

A Dollar Book for a Dime – In an era when selling 5,000 copies was considered a major achievement, the publishing firm of Beadle and Adams conceived the concept of the dime novel, and sold hundreds of thousands of copies during the Civil War. In this presentation, Bob can bring over 50 original dime books and novels for display.

What the British Surrendered – Did you know that the British surrendered 266,274 musket cartridges at Yorktown? See the climactic campaign at Yorktown unfold through interpretive maps and the original Ordnance ledger book detailing exactly what the United States used, and what else the British surrendered besides those musket cartridges.

When Did They Start Selling That? – As a living historian, I am shown many labels and advertisements that are supposed to be from the Civil War. But are they? How can you find out just when a product was sold? Watch this presentation on mid-19th century culture, and find out.

Red Tape and the Rebellion – I have selected several forms from my collection, and tell the interesting stories behind the forms and the people who filled them out. Hear the story of the too-old draftee, the clerk who couldn’t find the printed version of the form, and more.