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Welcome to our website!

All of our CD products are now available as flash drives!

When placing an order, remember that there is no area to enter credit card information. We don’t charge cards until the order is ready to ship, so if you would like to email your information in a separate email you may. But don’t worry that there’s no place to enter the information, we’ll contact you.

For any questions  or to phone an order, please call us at 610-286-7905 between 6 PM and 10 PM, Eastern time.

Use the Search feature to find what you want! We suggest using key words such as American, British (for Revolutionary War items) or Union, Confederate (for Civil War items). Other key words like stationery, labels, money, etc. work as well.

Please visit our Facebook Page for current event news.

If you have a picture of yourself or someone else reading one of our books or using one of our products, please send it to us. We are starting a page showing our products in use.