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Update – June 23, 2015

We are VERY excited to announce our latest product, Can Ends. We have always been a bit disappointed that our labels hid most of the can, but not all. Now, you can place a can end on the can and make it look like a 19th century can. Price for each “end” is $5.

We’re still replacing some of the old pictures of our items with new ones, and still haven’t figured out how to turn that one picture over.

When placing an order, remember that there is no area to enter credit card information. We don’t charge cards until the order is ready to ship, so if you would like to email your information in a separate email you may. But don’t worry that there’s no place to enter the information, we’ll contact you.

For any questions  or to phone an order, please call us at 610-286-7905 between 5 PM and 8:30 PM, Eastern time.

Or send us an email: email Image Thanks,

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